Our fields of intervention

A strong position on many processes

Activ’Eng responds to the reinforcement and support needs of its clients’ project teams in the context of on-site operational support aimed at controlling engineering activities.

We position ourselves as an expert engineering consultancy in several fields, this multidisciplinary allows us to provide a high-quality service that integrates the various constraints and needs.

A know-how that continues to assert itself

Activ’Eng initially developed with large groups in Belgium and northern France, particularly in the mobility and industry sectors.

Today, we are one of the key players in technical assistance in the field of rail, electrical engineering, automation and robotics.

Thanks to the mobility of its resources, Activ’Eng provides its clients with responsiveness and flexibility in their projects.

Our services

  • Provide lodges with electrical and mechanical plans
  • Functional analysis of projects
  • Project feasibility study
  • Supplier competition study
  •  As-built survey of industrial electrical technical installations
  • Electrical calculation notes
  • Electrical schematic
  • Facility compliance
  • Project monitoring
  • Commissioning follow-up